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Do you have you have your NYC male strip club shows in other cities?

Do you have you have your NYC male strip club shows in other cities?

Absolutely! Who doesn’t love NYC and the NYC Male Strip Club Show however there’s so many more men in so many more cities at Muscle Men Male Revue events to see! We have male strip clubs all over the country and even in several countries around the world! Seeing the world is an experience but visiting other cities and even other countries should come with some sexy time too! Muscle Men Male Revue Strip Shows take plane is some of the top destinations in the world, with some of the world’s hottest and sexiest strippers in each location! Treat yourself to a trip and while you’re there, treat yourself to the hottest male strip show experience possible, Muscle Men Male Revue! Click this link to scroll around and see a bachelorette party destination for male revue strip shows by Muscle Men Male Revue!

Can’t Make it to a Show? Well, Hire a Male Stripper!


We needed a couple of male strippers for a lady’s night out party we were throwing for a good friend of ours that got a promotion at her job. We used this company and got exactly what we were looking for. Hot sexy strippers, great time the surprise of her life. Not only were these guys super hot, but they were friendly and outgoing as well. The bed the whole group feel comfortable and everybody had a blast.
image- Jen Lawrence
Guys I just have to stop by and thank you so much for making my girls bachelorette party one she’ll never forget. I have attended several male strip clubs as well as hosted and been involved the coordinating several private parties that we hired male strippers for in the past, but this one literally goes down in history. Thank you so much for sending us what might be the hottest male strippers I’ve ever seen.
image- Stacy Green