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Bachelorette Party Ideas

14 Completely Insane Bachelorette Party Confessions

My college best friend was getting married to her long-time boyfriend. I was the maid of honor and I planned the most extravagant party: penis straws, penis suckers, sashes that had ‘bride’ and ‘bridesmaids’ bedazzled across the front, you name it! With the cliche bachelorette party decorations comes the cliche bachelorette party strippers. My friend loved them and it was all in good fun. After a night of drinking, we came back to the hotel suite I had rented, drunkenly washed our faces and went to bed. I woke up to get water a few hours after going to bed and heard some sexual sounds coming from the other room. I cracked the door to find the two other bridesmaids and the male stripper having a threesome!