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Bachelorette Party Ideas


Ian Ziering’s Bachelorette Party Etiquette Tips

Planning a bachelorette party full of classic pre-nuptial games and scandalous behavior? Then there’s a good chance a strip club will be part of the deal (despite your half-hearted protestations). So we asked Sharknado (and former Beverly Hills 90210) star Ian Ziering, who bares all as an emcee for Chippendales, to share some tips on how to behave when there’s a strapping half-dressed stranger straddling your chair. Here, his advice for how to act like a lady…with a naked guy twerking in front of you.

Pick a place that’s flirty, not dirty. If my wife was going to a male revue, I’d rather junk not be waved in her face. You can find shows that are sexy but don’t cross the line.

Make some noise. We like hooting, hollering, standing on chairs, and friends encouraging one another. Bachelorette parties with sashes or crowns get extra attention.

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